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“What the hell are we doing?”

That's what one nonprofit's director asked me when we started looking at her website. They had a good point: Though their site got some traffic and their list was growing, they didn't know anything about how their donors found them or what they cared about. The web team needed a strategy, and it needed technical help to develop that strategy.

Hi, I'm Jacob

In 2003, I joined Free the Slaves as Director of Technology. Over the next four years, I helped triple their list, improve the online donation rates, and oversaw two full website redesigns.

It was a great job, and I learned a lot at it, but what I mainly learned was how little most organizations (non- or for-profit) knew about how to build profitable sites. Even worse, they didn't know what numbers they should look at to even know whether their site was exploding with growth or hearing crickets.

Since 2006, I've run Trisignia to address this problem. I have a hands-on role with every project, and alongside a team of extremely talented contractors, I make sure that our projects are developed on-time, under-budget, and (most importantly) that they meet the goals of the project.

We’re here to help

Here are some things we can do for you:

  • perform market research to make sure you’ll be able to find customers who want to buy what you’re selling
  • develop landing pages to help build an audience before you launch
  • create full-featured web- and mobile apps
  • build complete payment solutions, whether for subscription services, online stores, or donation-based organizations
  • construct admin dashboards to help you focus on making your key metrics move in the right direction.

(Oh, and we provide consulting for any and all of the above, too. Don’t know your key metrics. It’s okay — we’re here to help!)

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Trisignia is an outstanding software development firm. Jacob and his team created an awesome application that was simple, clean, and provided users with an excellent user experience. Having worked with other development firms in the past, Trisignia is one of the easiest I have ever worked with — they did not just design what we wanted, they were true partners in helping us develop our app.

Bob Norberg

Partner — Docufyi


Since 2006 we’ve created web applications, built landing pages, and set up analytics campaigns for startups and traditional companies alike. We focus on increasing your company's profit, driving signups, and growing your business in an honest, repeatable, and measurable way.

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